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Emilio Olio MonovarietaleEmilio represents a daughter's tender dedication toward her parents. It's indeed the gesture of gratitude Gabrielloni sisters have given to the father, named Emilio, life mentor firstly, and oil master craftsman then.

Strong and resolute as you

Blooming and sincere as you

Generous and genuine as you.

Forever as you.


He was a teachingmaker personality to whom Gabriella and Elisabetta are grateful: if nowadays the ANCIENT GABRIELLONI® OIL MILL is known worldwide, much of that is due to him, to his life and farming skills.    

Emilio is an extra virgin olive oil made from a single variety named Frantoio, a kind of olives Gabrielloni sisters' father was fond of.

The hand-picking takes place in our olive groves at an incomplete state of ripening and olives are crushed within two hours from harvesting.

Emilio owns considerable sensory and chemical features, thanks just to an early gathering and an immediate grinding. 

Medium fruity, sweet, well-balanced between bitter and spicy, with herbaceous aromas. Remarkable cardoon and green almond taste. Good fluidity.    

Emilio has got an innovative packaging. The silk-screened brand stands out on the front part of the bottle and a silk-screened olive tree is on the back.  

It's placed on a Frantoio olive wood base, to which the outer case is hooked in by a drawstring. The case is made with silk paper and over it the hot foil gold stamping brand.

Emilio is produced in limited edition.

Comes in 0.500-litre bottles

Colour: shiny green with golden glares.

Acidity: lower than 0,20%.