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Three generations, an undying passion and a home region that combines natural beauty, culture and hard work: these are the ingredients underlying the secret of the superb quality of Gabrielloni olive oil. Then there are the values that, right from the start, have stood behind this renowned olive oil born in the hills of Recanati, in the Marche region, through the efforts of all involved.

Drawing on its commitment and experience, the Gabrielloni family has produced extra-virgin olive oil since 1955, but olive growing has always been the focus of its work on the land. Grandfather Marino was the first to decide to take the olives hand-picked in his groves in the hills of Recanati and process them at the original Gabrielloni family mill. In the 1960’s his son Emilio renewed the mill operations by expanding the facilities, as the deep-rooted tie to the land and the love of olive oil spread throughout the family.

Before long, daughters Elisabetta and Gabriella were playing an active role in the company’s activities, undertaking a renovation of the entire production structure beginning in 1995. Seriousness and know-how, passion and commitment. Drawing on their inherited knowledge and unflagging commitment to their work, season after season Elisabetta and Gabriella Gabrielloni turn out widely praised extra-virgin olive oil, along with other products whose quality is never less than superlative.

Nothing is taken for granted, every step and decision is made with the utmost care and attention, from pruning the trees to pressing the olives, right up to the bottling of the olive oil. There is no other way to ensure that Gabrielloni extra-virgin olive oil continues to meet the standards of excellence confirmed by awards won both in Italy and internationally.